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We are humanizing financial advice so it’s personal, proactive, transparent, and accountable.

Our Mission

We establish a close relationship with our clients; more in-depth than you would typically envision. Only then can we fully understand and implement the needed direction of their financial planning. The foundation of our work has always and continues to be through the earned trust of our existing clients. We provide advice and offer expertise in the emphasized areas of Retirement Planning, Investment Planning, Estate Planning, and Insurance Review. Instead of promoting products or having an agenda to push, we practice thoughtful listening and work to get to know you. Ultimately, our mission is to understand your challenges and propose targeted solutions to the issues that matter most to you.

Our Services

What keeps you up at night? How can we help you plan?

Financial Planning

Financial planning is more than investment strategy. At its core, the plan helps you identify risks you may not have considered as well as those you know about. Estate Planning, Health Care issues, property and people protection, tax sensitivity, as well as legal and investment risks must be considered. Every household has finite resources, so our job is to make sure every dollar spent maximizes opportunity.

Asset Management

Our approach to investment management employs a blend of internal, proprietary investment portfolios managed by our team of professionals, as well as externally sourced investment solutions to compliment a clients target allocation. It is this mix of capabilities that allows us to access the best solution on behalf of clients.

Business Services

Owning and running a successful business is a rewarding journey. Those who have built a great business have shown the necessary drive, sacrifice, and endurance to reap the rewards from what they have sown. In order to harvest the value that these successful businesses have built it is crucial to design and implement a plan that will protect and grow its value now and through the future transition of the business.

Risk Management

As a division of Level Four Wealth Management, Level Four Insurance Services is dedicated to providing solutions to help build, manage, and preserve wealth for you and your family. Whether your needs require life insurance, retirement income planning, Medicare/Medi-gap, or long term care, we can find the right solutions to for your stage in life. No situation is too complex or difficult for our team to analyze and provide advice regarding the appropriate course of action.

Sports & Entertainment

More than investing capital, we value building personal relationships with our players and families. We understand the focus and excitement that plays into the professional world of sports and entertainment and seek to take some of the complexity and strain off when it comes to your financial future.

Corporate Retirement Plans

We believe offering corporate benefits is a way that can greatly impact recruitment and retention of employees. When employees are not financially secure, they are distracted employees and are not focused on the employer’s goals. It is possible to improve a company’s retirement plan and make it possible for their employees to retire sooner, thereby saving the company money in salary, benefits for the older workforce.

Our Team

A team approach to wealth management helps to ensure you receive comprehensive advice and solutions for your unique objectives.

Stephen Iaconis, CFP®

Managing Director & Wealth Advisor

Quint Cook

Wealth Advisor

Katie Tompkins, CFP®

Branch Operations Manager

Our Community

We love supporting people and organizations that are truly making a difference in Birmingham. Oh, and our office is pretty cool too.

Our Thoughts

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